Hey reader...do you think of yourself as unique? or different? How about special?

Well, I know that everyone who reads these blogs must be special. So yes, you are special, just to be reading this blog. Even when those of us have a momentary reaction and put our foot in our mouth and say the wrong things. We are still special.
Getting the mouth going before the gears are shifted is normal, for all of us. Why do we do it?
And its very very easy to criticize others, would you not agree?

Dad used to talk about people in church (some he was familiar with) who would come to the local
church in their finest duds...knowing that some of these good folks had sinned on Friday and came to repent on Sunday.

Well, what I am getting at here is that, to repeat, we all once in a blue moon say the wrong things at the wrong time. We make mistakes. We convince our friends that we are no different. But you know what, God loves you even on those off days. He accepts you as you are. And that beingsaid its a given - that you are special.

So, go ahead, be special. Be human. Say the wrong things sometimes and dare to take chances. This is your time, your place and your life, And even all the things around us, nice and not so nice. Those things are special as well. Life works in mysterious ways....

So just happy to have you visit and be able to share a few thoughts with you. Thanks reader. Come again....