Don't give up your day job folks. Not so fast. You may have noticed neighbors and friends working into their twilight years. Forget freedom 55. How
about Freedom 75 or maybe 85?  Such things were
under discussion at the recent World Economic
Forum in Switzerland.  Indeed, times they are
a changin'....and it seems changes like this always pose a problem and concern for the  low wage earners. Many people do not even have a clue about how much to put aside for a rainy day, let alone for old age. And exactly what do we consider Old.  For some, due to health reasons,
the body starts to age at 40, but then there are some young eighty year olds. Much depends on
how lives were lived. Back in depression years
looking at faces in some old photos even a thirty year old looked like an old man. Those were desperate times.

And with all the struggle to get ahead these days,
many young folks are having that old-days look on their faces.

I have in the past written about the need to keep things simple and not expect very much and that type of thinking has not changed. There is real need to save a few pennies, rainy day money so to speak....because depending on the Government just does not cut it. The more we can do for ourselves
whether it be growing a little garden or cutting just might be worth times like these.
That is until Freedom 75!!