Our dog gets this certain look, just after dinner, well that look in her eyes that seems to say...Dad....
get on your coat, take me for a walk!!! And I think to myself, you little rascal, don't you know that with a windchill up here in Canada on this day of
January 2012, its minus 44?

Never mind the weather. dogs need a walk. So do we.

Yale School of Medicine tell us that the likelihood of being disabled with age increases, with some of the following factors: having a chronic condition,
low physical activity, having poor lower extremity
function and being hospitalized. And that women
are more likely than men to becoming disabled in later years.

Sadly, with age - many folks no longer seem to want to walk or even drive a car and with long term loss of mobility - it just gets worse.

So bottom line, get on them walking shoes, never mind the cold. Walk.  Walk walk walk walk.
You can do it!!

Look for a nice comfortable pair of shoes for starters, something with good support, just start around the yard, gradually around the block and pretty soon you are walking to the local park, up
to the shopping centre (they often have mall walks)
or get a walking companion.

Other option - don't care? couldn't be bothered?
Well guess what, if you don't care - nobody does -
and that being said, at least give  it a try....you owe it to yourself to prove you can do it. And I know you can. So, coat on, gloves and hat and boots and walk that walk....

Walking just might become one of the best habits in your life....!!!