Someone recently made the comment, that if you have not made it by age 65, you shall not make it!!
Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the fact is, some folks have barely gotten started at that age and soar to the top of their game at 70 or 75 or 80
or even 90. So don't fret if someone trys to tell you
that you have not made it. Top of your game? What is that anyways? Does it mean you have no further to go - that you have reached the top? And you know what they say, its lonely at the top. So take heart, some of the best works of music have been created by those well beyond 65, in some cases well beyond 80.  Some of the finest art is produced by some of the older artists. And some of the advice from grandpa and grandma comes from the heart and book of experience. It comes from growing old happily and in the process, having a wealth of wisdom to bestow on younger folks.