We are all getting older and hopefully getting better at all the things we do and attempt to do. There is really so much to be thankful for, in spite of the fact that this world can sometimes be a dark and cruel old place to be, at times...nonetheless it is our world and put simply, it means we must make the best of today and the days that are to follow. At year end our prayers and thoughts go to those who have had to face the dark, losing loved ones, perhaps a fire, perhaps a health issue, perhaps a traffic accident that took away a family member. Perhaps that life has presented some hurdles that seemed to be insurmountable and we had to dig deep to find a glimmer of hope. And times when we needed a distant phone call or a knock on our door just to remind us we are still a needed and wanted member of the universe.  

But remember that God made you in his image and we all need to look in the mirror and take heart that the person looking back is the one we need to spend the rest of our life with. Yes, we are who we are and what we have we shall need to make the best of. Life need not be complicated or difficult unless we make it that way. So back to that KISS formula, just...Keep it simple.....

Whether our glass is half full or half empty is no reason to be discouraged, there are always those who are in a much worse place or condition and to those we pray - that you will look ahead, see the light and the hope. Yes, there is light in the tunnel and that is the tunnel of life where we must all pass until the last spark, until the stars shine to remind us that others have walked the same path, faced the same difficulties and strived to have hope,
as we all do. 

Merry Christmas world!! And may we all go forward into another year with a warmth in our  heart, a smile on our face and a glimmer in our eyes and a reminder to give thought to those less fortunate this time of year.