They say, what good is money if its not put to use.
Well, for some, it seems a paycheque is simply not enough. A person turns to drug dealing, gets involved, gets addicted and a strange circle of events starts to take place.

And this can happen and does happen in the oilpatch. I have witnessed first hand how some very intelligent people have chosen to go that route.
And end up in a homeless shelter.

Its scary to think that a small percentage of those
using homeless shelters do so, just long enough to get cleaned up and ready to go back into the drug trade and then back to the shelter. I have heard of an engineer earning well over $100,000 per annum and putting all his earnings into the drug trade. 
Lives are ruined or lost. Relationships shatter.
Family members refuse to talk to the druggy brother or sister. And yet these people continue on this circle of life that goes nowhere. Part of it is likely the isolation in a place like Ft. McMurray...

And some remote areas I have travelled to have signs as large as billboard signs you see in the city that try to scare off the drug trade. But it does little good. The deals are made in the bush, in the quiet of a winter night and wealth continues to flow
where it should not....

As I said, money needs to be put to good use or it
serves no purpose other than to further corrupt the
individuals who follow the lure of the drug trade....
and sadly, as the various plants and facilities are just so very busy....its almost impossible to notice or detect those who choose to deal and consume
the drugs of their choice....