Andrew Murie, the CEO of Madd Canada tells us that every day in Canada 4 people are killed, 190 more are injured...all the result of alcohol and drug related crashes. Thats where MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) - the non-profit, grassroot
organization has made a point of stopping impaired
drivers and supporting victims of violent crime.It all goes hand in hand, the drugs, the crime. The drink, the anger. And we all need to make a difference to curb this activity. Christmas is coming and why should there be little children without a mommy and daddy. Why?

If you are reading this and happen to be someone that likes to toss a friendly brew....please consider doing that at home, or at least make sure someone else is going to do the driving, that is - someone who has not been drinking.  This is serious stuff.
And yes, its so easy to shrug off the dangers and simply say, nah, its not going to happen to me. So
you take the risk, until you see the flashing lights
of a police car in your rearview mirror. That might have saved you and saved other lives. Think about it. No, do more.  Thinking about it is not enough.
Do something about it. Control the urge and be
aware it just takes a very small mistake to end up
in a cold ditch in a battered up car, with bodies on the road...who are they? What happened.  Too late.

So why do we still have up to 1600 lives lost  due
to impairment? Is the message not getting through?

Ok,you are reading this blog. Maybe I have reached you. Maybe you are the one that shall change.
Yes change. Not have that drink. And yes, save lives, including your own....

There was one accident that comes to mind, Two young children watched a mom and dad dying at the scene of a crash.  Now, 16 year old Kali is speaking out and she makes a heartfelt appeal:
"Remember my family, don't drink and drive."
So thankyou and God bless you Kali and good fortune to you. You can view Kali's story by visiting

Please, Don't drink and drive!  Please.