I'm feeling so good right now.  I just called up my local grocery store to report an act of kindness by one of their employees.  I was looking for something that was not on the shelf, I asked the young boy in the produce department, and he said he would look.  I continued shopping and planned on coming back to check later.  Well to my surprise, this boy found me in the meat department to bring the item to me.  He didn't have to do that, he went above and beyond and that was so nice of him.

I suggest no matter where you are, if you receive good service or someone goes out of their way to do something for you, you need to express that.  It sure felt good to call the store, I didn't know what would happen by doing so, until the woman taking the phone call told me a letter will go to his manager stating he went above and beyond and a copy will be posted in the break room, and one will remain in his file.  I'm smiling thinking how that one phone call will encourage a young boy to do even better, because it does matter, and people do appreciate what you do.