There are so many people that I come across, they know what is good in their heart, they want to be more giving and less self absorbed, but they just can't do it.  What I believe prevents them from being the person they want to be is being tangled up in the person they are. Today is the day, it's time to let go of what is preventing you from being your authentic self.

People just go and go and go and never stop to listen to what they really want.  It is so necessary to JUST STOP the everyday routine, and listen to what your inner self wants.  Take a few days, a week, or as long as it takes and sit down with a large pad, and a pen and just write your inner thoughts and feelings out on paper, there is so much power in that.  Make two lists, (honestly if you haven't cleaned house in a long time, there may be lot's of lists you can make : )  the things you are happy with in your life, and make another list of the things you want to change in your life. You will find that by clearing your brain out, you will start to see things clearer, and in doing that, you will be able to weed through the tangled webs of your mind to come to your authentic self, the self you always wanted to be. 

Most people clean their garage once a  year, or that dreaded junk drawer that's overflowing.  Well eventually your brain gets overloaded too. You need to take the time to sit and remove what you're thinking to a legal pad. Just like your junk drawer, decide on what you want to do with what's on that pad. What you want to keep, what you want to throw out, what needs some fixing. You will be surprised how much better you will feel in sorting your feelings out on paper.  Honestly, when you look at that clean drawer, and cleaned garage, it really does warm your soul. To change self does more than warm the soul, it gives you inner peace.

It is so powerful to know we have the key to our own life. It's not as complicated as we think, whatever life we want for ourselves is the life we can acheive. If you are not living with love in your heart and peace in your soul, you are missing out on so much.  It is when you feel the peace of God, total peace, you become less absorbed in yourself, it is then that you can give of yourself so freely to others.  When you are truly happy with self, you are ready to conquer the world with goodness. 
Find inner peace, change yourself, and change the world.

Peace. . . Mary