Faith is the most powerful tool in the skill department next to love in the make up of the human being.
If you have faith in something, you are half way there. If you are 100% mentally ready-which as a fact it is shown mental health is number one, hey- you are own your way. Faith is undeniable, you can achieve, learn and attain many things with faith. As I say if you are mentally strong, and are using your -faith-to raise a child, 9 out of 10 times you will have a positive and strong child. Faith is like, to use a little life imatating art here, is like the 'force' in star wars movies, it is unseen -you cannot taste it or feel it. But like the air it is immeasureable and vast. Faith moves all along the world circumference. Especailly when you are free. and America is the land of the free. Faith leads to love. Faith can help you be a successful worker at your profession.Take a look at God, there is the originator of faith, literally and spiritually. 
If you have faith that good things will happen, then except for a few minor snags, there will be good things happening in your life. 
God bless. thank you..