It would be hard, if not almost impossible for the majority of us
living in the western world - to try to understand how 14 men who were convicted of a crime in a small Pakistan village and then  -
acquitted and possibly going back to the same village where they
assaulted (gang raped) a young woman, because it was a way of
getting back at her- since her brother (age 12) had an affair with
a powerful clan in Pakistan. Most unusual and archaic??

Women rarely speak out there. If they do, it could bring them
shame.  And to their families as well.

Well, not the case with Mukhtaran. She had the courage to
not only speak out but became a campaigner of human rights.
Unfortunately it appears Pakistan has a culture that allows
women to be punished - through violence, mutilation and sexual
assault. How do we begin to understand such a culture?

So, what will happen when these men return to the village of
Meerawali in the southern Punjab? Could this mean death to
a woman that only seeks justice? And will Pakistan protect

God Bless and keep you Mukhtaran and may those who have
harmed you - find out - that in life, there is justice?? And to
those who want to inflict more harm on this poor woman -
the whole world is watching now!!!

Mai has no plans of leaving the village. This is her home.