Care for all the sisters and brothers-


The main thing all people of this world want is-
to be happy,

Above all the pleasures, desires, and luxurious,
Happiness is the dominant request,

So to please the generation after the next,
Don't you believe we the people of this world can move towards a point in our history here on this earth. Where peace and justice are the norm. Life is fair and it is cool to be caring to each and everyone.
See I see this, because I got The cross in me, others have it too, that's why I am able to brag of this wisdom.
Caring for one another is  a natural trait we humans have. Looking out for one another is another awesome trait to count. Where do you think we got this ability to do such talents? 
Jesus christ, explanation Jesus said" For everytime you have done for the least of my brothers so have you done for it for me".
So having said that, see how basic it is to reach out a hand and listen, care, and look out for a mentally ill brother or sister?
If Jesus said" for everytime you done for the least of my brothers and sisters.." doesn't that define to you -the mentally ill?..

Take a step back, and take a breath, read this piece over a couple of times. Let it it sink in and take care of all your brothers and sisters!!