It is common for rural folks to build a birdhouse, put out feed for the
deer and keep an eye open for an injured animal. It is less common in
the city, but look around and you find more city folks are growing a
garden, feeding the birds and taking an interest in mother nature. And
why do you suppose that is?  Perhaps just an intuitive realization that
our time on this planet is brief. And we need to give back.

We have started to worry about the spray used for crops and how we
might end up injesting some less than desirable substances. We take note of whether or not we have taken our vitamins each day. And yet
we often forget about vitamin D from taking a walk on a sunny day,
or we buy bottled water thinking of the convenience but not about
the good things taken out. Then tap water starts to appeal to us.
We are creatures of habit and our habits may be turning us into
creatures less than what we were intended to become. Our muscles
ache sitting in front of the computer or television. We have a certain
difficulty getting out of the comfort zone and into fresh, cold air
that would do us more good than the artificial indoor air. We need
to get familiar with the rain, the snow, the simple beauty that only
nature provides and it often is ignored until some of  us are actually
making ourselves unhealthy - by our very habits.

We need to change. We need to re-discover nature. And we need to
give more back. How do we do that you ask? Perhaps by simply
planting a tree or a flower. By encouraging our children to camp and
fish and spend time in the forest. Away from the artificial world
in the malls. And just maybe - we will all have a chance for building
or should I say, re-building this world....