Peace & Jesus

Wake up,
do not let up,
you love Jesus,
you want world peace?

Realize that world peace begins with you,
your self,
men, women, children and all else,
When you think of world peace think  about -Jesus in the manger,
Remember the three wise men,
Remember the fact that he was born with times of danger,

...the fact that Jesus is the Son and born of noone but God,
makes the mind think peaceful..
Want to change the world?
Think about the fact that Jesus brings innocence-
 and hope to you and me- 
The people!
We all are equal!
Jesus spoke of issues that are noble..

All other equations are demonic and fatal...
See I'll tell you my core belief..
If you seek the answer to how to get  peace on track,

Read the Holy bible..reason?
It's the earth's social map!