The world we live in 2010 is too much in the middle of  the road. Too much touchy-touchy. Take for example the situation going on in the St. George ferry terminal in Staten Island N.Y.. They have gotten so middle of the road by abiding by the laws of this land -trying to keep everyone happy-that they have taken the Jesus in the manger scene away tas well as  the Menorah signfying both the Christian and Jewish religion holiday seasons.
This only proves that this nation we live in, is under a form of protecting the unconformist so to speak siding with the undecided. Another words the people who like to stay neutral. It really is  sad commentary because while we can say till the cows come home "Have a merry christmas or have a happy hanukah". then have to watch as the cops take away the symbols of our festive season...
There is too much of the middle road concept in this nation. But it is not all the people's fault. It's the deeply hidden work of the devil. He lives here too, And he is a liar and a mis-educator. But I'm hoping with my catholic/christian and Jewish friends; praying that we get back to our core concept of love especailly in this season of giving and happiness.