I write this article not for praise or recognition, but because even I need to be reminded sometimes that there are many, many good people throughout the world. Feeling good is contagious, so hopefully this little story will make you feel good for a while. Maybe it will inspire you to do something specail for someone. Even if it means just making someone smile for a few seconds.

My wife and I manage an apartment complex. Our small community has been especially hard hit by the recession. We know that many of our residents are unable to afford a nice dinner on Christmas Day, so we prepare a hearty meal for them. We package it up in "to go" containers and they pick it up at the office at 3 p.m. Last year we served 39 dinners. This year we are expecting closer to 50 based upon the early sign-up tally so far. Many of our residents ask if they can help. We just say, "no thanks, but maybe you could do something nice for someone else."