I love this site, and I hope and pray that it will help to change the world . . .one day at a time, one being at a time, one kindness at a time.

I'll admit it, I have a very soft spot in my heart when it comes to the elderly. Working in assisted living for 10 years, I have learned so much. I don't think people realize how lonely some seniors are. 

Unlike diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s to name a few, I believe loneliness is a disease that has not been addressed and needs to, not only among the elderly but among all Americans.
My hope in portraying this story today, in this forum, on this site, focused on change, is to make aware that we have the power, you and I, together, we can cure this life impairing disease. 

Imagine, spending your life raising your family in very difficult times, it certainly wasn't easy back then without the amenities we have today. Our elders have worked harder and complained less.  They endured more than you and I could have in raising a family.  The years pass, and suddenly they awaken to their children busy with lives of their own, some have moved miles away and hardly get to visit or even call. Their spouse, partner, soul mate for the past 50/60 years whom they shared their everyday with has now passed on. And what they are surrounded in is a pool of loneliness, along with aches and pain, lose of vision, or hearing. 

We all hope that there will be a cure someday for the many diseases we are faced with in this world, but to know we have the cure; to end loneliness in America is overwhelming. Profound!

Look around you everyday, it is not only suffered by seniors, people in your own family, in your neighborhood, in your church community. If you pass the same man sitting on his porch everyday, stop, say hello, ask him about his life, people have so much to share, if we just take the time to listen. It is hard to imagine but you may be the only person he's talked to that week. 

I believe it surely is in giving that we receive, and there is no greater gift than to make someone happy.
It's not always easy, a silent wave of despair has taken over some of their lives, and given them very little to live for, so if you manage to get a smile or a laugh added to their day it is worth more to me than any paycheck.  

We have a small task ahead of us, with a very large reward,  we can all  make a difference. All you need to give is maybe that five minute telephone call "How are you doing?" or a 15 minute visit that will make such a difference.  Don't continue to turn your head the other way, and pretend loneliness doesn't exist, it effects the life of many Americans today. And while our society continues to talk about topics such as sex, drugs, and alcohol, the subject of loneliness is rarely addressed…even though the pain loneliness causes is a very real life impairing disease, just do one thing, one kind thing to help a lonely person, and you can't believe how much they appreciate it.

Any thing you’ve done that  you can share, on how we can make a difference to end loneliness? Or, have you felt lonely and someone has done something that made a difference to you?