Writer Angelique Rodrigues brought forward a story we all need to hear. This is one about a well known radio show personality(Chris Scheetz) who took his kids with him and spent 48 hours as a homeless person, to raise funds and create awareness.

Chris indeed accomplished his mission. Raising some $90,000. 

Notable in the article by Rodrigues (for the Examiner Newspaper) were a few comments made by Chris Scheetz...'this could happen to absolutely anyone and it does...and we are all one horrific situation from living on the streets...'

Again quoting Chris Scheetz:
'I think the hardest part - realizing, yes, these people are hungry,yes, they're cold and uncomfortable but worse than all of that, they're alone...'

In the article by Rodrigues we are told that Scheetz
was initially dropped off in a very poor area,
no home, no food, no money. Nobody. Just the clothes on his back and a cellphone. And Chris goes on to say: 'I spent time on a cardboard box, wishing desperately for a bed and a blanket, and just waiting for the night to end...and the sad part is that -there are people who face sleeping on the street every day...'

No doubt we are beginning to see a trend in society all over North America with the numbers of persons and entire families on the street.

Chris is asking that donations be made to the Hope
Mission -  and you can donate by visiting the mission at hopemission.com