Life ~ is  way to short ~ to wait around ~ for people to change  ~  or situations as well~   What you must do  ~ is ~*  when people dont act or react the way that you would like them to do  ~carve you own curves * ~   Make your own changes in life  ~  Set aside a few of your own rules and   *Stick to them*~
   Make a mental list ~of~* who and what*~ is important to you~ in life and  go on living ~ But then you will notice the changes in yourself  ~ You will feel so much better and happier  ~Its almost like cleaning *House*   or *Decluttering*~  *S*
 Yes~ i have found exactly that and trust me  ~ It works  ~ and works wonders~  You seem to have so much more time for other things   ~ good and happy things and life is so much more easier ~
 It even helps  your health  ~  I have noticed that worrying about certain things and people gave me a lot of *headaches*   They have now disapeared  ~
 When i get up in the morning and look outside  ~ No matter what the weather may be  ~Life is beautiful  ~ simply by just being able *To get up *~Happy thoughts come to my mind~ and  I  go on with the day~*S*
 I think sometimes    ~* we all *make  our own clutter  ~ that  needs   to be assesed~ and tossed  ~
 Good Luck on ~ Decluttering~