We sometimes badly need a change. Or life decides its time for a change.
Like that old saying: If we always do what we've always done we always
get what we have always gotten... Think on that awhile...

The leaves are starting to change (once again) That beautiful season
we call autumn. The rustle of the wind sounds a little different. Even
the birds seem to be preparing for change. Maybe you have gotten out
and picked up a new jacket- you noticed that one, advertised in the flyer
that your local delivery person dropped in your mail box. Then perhaps
you get down to your favorite shoe store to try on some new feet. Like
a new car, something special about new shoes. Yes, those are the ones.
Instead of black, maybe try brown. Something different.  Change.

We change so many things, our jobs, our residence, We change cars,
we even try to change our eating habits, easy on the salt.  Change.

But dig deeper. That real change comes from within. A combination
of maturity and common sense. A decision to be more than we are.
In our family over the last month there was a birth and a death. So close
to each  other.  A bridge to a new life, a new life starting out. Change.

To change is usually to grow. We change our hair or wait for mother nature
to change the color for us.  To change is to believe. To believe in who we are
and accept that life is moving forward as it should. To look for the signs of
change and try to make a positive change. Into the future. Into the new day.

And I wish you well. And hope that new jacket and new shoes gets you
started on a new journey. Listen....I think if you listen....the wind has a message
for you (for all of us) telling us not to sit and wait, but to make a change and
no matter how small and insignificant it may seem....it could  be a turning
point in life.  Good luck.