An excercise for everyone. Get out a piece of paper and pencil or pen. Now, please write out $13 TRILLION.  What does that look like to you? 

Well, the U.S. has gotten into the position of having what would appear to be
insurmountable debt.  Perhaps the only and I mean only thing thats going to
work is a thorough house cleaning and in the process, picking up some lessons
about values.  The journey starts by re-tracing the steps that got the country into this mess in the first place. What are the reasons. How did it happen?

Ordinary folks with money problems seek out a friend, or accountant or
even someone prepared to counsel those with financial pain...and usually
the advice involves tearing up credit cards, get rid of what you don't need,
simplify your lifestyle. Take your vacation where you live. Take the bus,
park the car. Walk or ride a bicycle.  Stop the cable and internet or at
least change to a more modest internet provider. Downsize your place
if possible, cut out fast food, cancel the multitude of magazine subscriptions,
opt out for going to the library over buying books. Or buy used.  Same with
furnishings, buy used.  This is a list for ordinary folks and it could go on and on. Learn to sew. Convert to wood burning appliances. Have a large garden.

For those in Government or politics, there might be a need to curb the international travel and
glad-handling, at least do it on a more simplistic level. Trade the limo for
a smart car. Train instead of plane. Cut up Government Credit cards and
pay cash where possible. Utilize more conference calls and video style meetings.

Or the other option is for everyone to do nothing and expect the whole
system to crash anytime soon - or reflect on the advise of the President -
that failure is not an option.

And the last question that begs to be answered is: