I listen to Christian radio every morning, and I heard this the other day while in the shower, and it really struck a cord with me, and I hope it helps someone else in winning their day spiritually.  I am not sure of the program, I believe it was Back to the Bible.

If you want to win your day spiritually, be careful what you say. The greatest deterrent to winning our day spiritually is the inability to control what comes out of our mouths.

You can never take back a hurtful word that you say to your wife. You can never take back some hasty thing that you say to your children. You can never take back a lie that destroys a person's life.

Secondly, are hurtful words; words that hurt other people. We may not even intend them to hurt other people, but they often do.

Kind words, and timely words can throw a heavy punch, those are the words we need to remember to replace the hasty hurtful words, always keep this reminder to yourselves to help win your day spiritually.

Also, be careful of how you feel

Three of the most destructive feelings, the most destructive emotions that keep people generally from winning the day spiritually is anger. It's hard for you and me to win the day spiritually when we're exploding in anger.

There is another emotion that's equally bad and that's jealousy, the more jealous you are over another person or a position, or somebody's house is bigger than yours, or their dog is better than yours, or their marriage is going well and yours is not-- the harder it will be to have peace in your day. And the third emotion that plays right into the devil's hand and that's the emotion of pride: anger, jealousy and pride.

His pride led to his anger; his anger ultimately led to his jealousy. And the jealousy, the pride

Deal with these things in your life today; just take them to your higher power and say, ask to be forgiven of them, and ask to help you go back and repair the bridges that these emotions have torn apart."

That may be going to a husband or a wife or a child you haven't talked with in years; or a neighbor or a pastor; whatever it takes, getting control of how you feel will help you get in control of winning your day spiritually.

It's a good feeling to put your head down at night on the pillow and know you had a good day, it's not so nice when you allow words and emotions to get out of control. The best is to control them and win our day spiritually.