Sometimes I day dream about the good I could do if I won the lottery. Wow...what I could do with a million bucks! But we don't need to have loads of money to make someone smile. Sometimes it doesn't take much at all.

I was in Burger King one day, waiting in line to place my order. The young guy ahead of me was in his military outfit. After he placed his order, I leaned forward and handed the cashier the money for it. The soldier looked surprised and puzzled so I said, "I can only imagine how proud of you your mother must be. If she was here, she would have happliy treated you to lunch. Your mother isn't here but I'm a mother and I am here so...lunch is on me!" That soldier was still beaming when he left with his bag.
So how much did it cost to make someone feel appreciated? Three bucks maybe?

I was on line in the grocery store recently.A young mother was at the check out. When the cashier gave her the total, she realized she was short $2,00. Flustered, she searched for change in her pockets and bag. An older man ahead of me tapped her on the shoulder and said, " dropped this." and handed her a $5 bill. She looked like she wanted to cry as she thanked him. I still think of that man and his kindness.