I was listening to a song called Think-drowning pool, and the song made me think about the people of today. You see one of the main lines in the song is "think about your life, you wouldn't give it up", but when i thought about it I  began to realize that many people nowadays are in fact just wasting their lives away. For example, my cousin came to mother the other day for money and informed us that she had been running away from home to visit her 50+ year old beau, while she is but 24. And also she makes no attempt at getting further in life, and opts instead to just accepting her life of poverty the way it is, like she has no ambitions in her life what so ever. Another thing is the way people take pride to such an extreme that they hurt not only themselves but their family and loved ones. You see a lady close to has endured many sickness and ailments, including strokes and major back surgery, yet she will not ask for help, and actually denies the help. I simply fail to see the logic in that way of thinking. When you are legally handicapped, and in constant pain, why do you not accept the aid that so many attempt give, but you actually critcize them for it. I guess it runs in the family because her father is the same way. thanks for listening, i just wanted to get this off my chest, ya' know?