I am tired of always trying to please others before I please myself. Then, the first time you forget to do something they act as if it is the end of the world. I am also tired of others getting an attitude with me for no apparent reason and then when I retaliate by getting an attitude of my own they act as if I am the one who has done something wrong.

I wish that I could just do something for myself in the present instead of always working for my future. I never have time to relax and be truly happy. Then when I finally have time to relax there is always someone who says that they need me to do something for them and I cant refuse because then I will be ungrateful or lazy, when in actuality I should not have to owe anyone anything.

I wish that I could just be truly happy for once in my life, but that is "too much to ask." There will be  time when I just "SNAP" because of all the pressure my family and friends put on me. Only themn will they realize that it is because of them that I finally broke down.