With our lives of multiple shifting layers of responsibility, it's all too easy to rob ourselves of our full life experience.

Try taking a few minutes to enjoy your fully relaxed presence.

Look around you at something of real beauty. It could be the face of a loved one, a lovely plant or tree, or anything else that really captures you, heart and soul. Can the world be transformed from a knotty set of problems into something much more wonderful, by our simple choice to really savor it?

Being "in the moment" is so much easier if we approach it from a viewpoint of enjoyment. Because being fully present is easier when we're fully relaxed, and we're fully relaxed when we're receptive, in joy. Kind of like a baby, just taking it in.

While I always advocate honoring Real Life more than Digital Life, you can relax and surrender to beauty that is on your computer screen, too. Why, you can take a simple screen-saver to whole new levels of marvelousness with just a little bit of surrendered enjoying!

I found this amazing video clip of floral artist Anthony Ward creating one of his celebrated arrangements while co-performing with the musical group Zap Mama. If you take the 10 minutes and really relax into beholding this scene, you might find it to be deeply refreshing!