Does sleep really affect our weight?  I've been pondering this thought lately.

Actually, it's been studied and yes it does! 

See, Mom, I do need more sleep :o)

There are two main hormones in our bodies that are the "ying & yang" of hunger...

ghrelin: Tells you that you're hungry
leptin: Tells you that you're full

The less sleep that you have, the higher your ghrelin levels, and the lower your leptin levels.  Therefore your body is hungry more often throughout the day.

The more sleep that you get, the more leptin hormone you have in your body...You won't eat as much & you'll feel fuller longer. least I think so.

Lately I've been trying to get to bed earlier.  One of the reasons I have been blogging less. 

Tonight I was actually in bed by 10pm!!! Me!!!  10pm!!!! 

I used to go to bed at 2:30am- 3am.  Yikes! 

But, because of working out, I find that I'm more energetic during the day & tired quicker at night.  And, now that I'm really trying to become healthy, I figured that a healthier sleep cycle would be good too.

So, here I am...10:35pm, and I'm getting ready to sign out for the night!  Yay, me (as London Tipton says :o)

Sometimes the most productive thing one can do is to sleep. ~Unknown