When I was a little girl, I wanted to change the world.  I wanted do something so meaningful and so significant that I would leave this world a better place. Quite an endeaverous idea for such a young girl, but that was my dream!  I don't remember the pivotal moment, but at some point my ability to believe in that dream died.  Perhaps one too many adults laughed or told me how impossible that would be for a girl like me.  Maybe they were simply trying to protect me from failure and disappointment when they scoffed and suggested I just stay in school and hope to marry a good man... whatever the case, I went from believing I could change the world, to fearing I was too small and insignificant to affect anything.  And it was in that small place I stayed for almost 30 years.  I did always understand though, that I could lead by example, and that in my own quiet way, I could have a gentle influence, helping to guide those willing to be guided.  And in that, I could change the world.  Not the Whole Wide World, as I 'd once believed, but Someone's world.  And it is from this point of view that I come from now.  I am no longer in that small place, and I have once again begun to believe the impact I have, can be as truly widespread and far reaching as I have the ability to imagine it to be.  And coming full circle, that is once again my dream.