Some times I feel like nothing goes the way "I feel" it should happen. It is very easy to get down on myself about even the littlest things that I have no power over. To be powerless can make you feel pretty small. I was told to take small steady steps and not to give up before the miracle takes place. WOW, how does a person with a short patiance span and who shoots for instant gradification every time take small steps. And then the miracle thing, I thought I was able to take the credit for that. Ow how wronge I was. I have learned that things are not always going to go my way when I want it to, I know that Im not running the show, when I runn the show I disipoint myself every time my plan dont fall through. Things happen when they are meant to, no sooner no latter. The universe is pretty amazing, I never go without and all it takes is a little faith that there is a power greater then yourself that is your keeper, and that power will provide. And just a reminder, if your plan does fall through like you planned it to, dont take the credit to fast it was just meant to happen right at the same time you felt it was necessary. Give credit where credit is due, be greatful for life and all the beautiful things. Look at what your greatful for before you even let yuor feet hit the ground in the morning.