This was a Valentine wish sent by one of my favorite woman mystics and fellow Tantra Goddess, Leah Zahner. Her workshops in the Los Angeles area are always oriented around opening the heart and communing with our highest natures.


Today we celebrate the joy and wonder of Love. We remember the many ways in which we have felt Love and shared it with others.

This is the day of great opportunity, to create magnificent feelings of Love in our world. So today I am wanting you to know you are so very Loved and Lovable. You are a cherished and special part of the world in which I live, and in the world around you.

The Love you have shared in your life has been multiplied as it passed from person to person. The Love you have received has been multiplied as you passed it on to others.

Love is the network which weaves our world together. It connects each of us with all of life. It sustains our breath, maintains our heart rhythm and fills our Being.

Fill yourself with Love today. Remember the moments in your life which opened your heart and graced you with Love. Let today be a day in which you celebrate the Love you have felt, the Love you now feel, and the Love still on its way to you.

I hold you in my heart today with great Love and Joy. You have graced my life with your presence.