Staying current with oneself means being clear in one's feelings and with one's communications. We tend to censor ourselves and leave so much unsaid. This causes a backlog of unresolved emotions and pulls us out of the moment. Then, we wonder when (and even if) we will ever get to see life working in our favor again. We risk having a state of "reversal" unless we can stay as current as possible with our true feelings, even if we can't always share them all with others.

Relationship Coach Rori Raye wrote this simple but brilliant essay:

How to love your feelings and stop pretending

TO LOVE YOUR FEELINGS, try this simple first step:

When something's bothering you - anything -
something someone did or something that happened,
no matter how small it seems to your brain, STOP.

Notice that your head is running a bunch of
thoughts, and notice that your insides are being
pulled in different directions.

One of the directions might be your head
spinning and spinning about what happened.

One of the directions might be the awful
feeling in the pit of your stomach that got
"triggered" by what happened.

Whatever thoughts and feelings you notice -
choose the one that's in your body instead of the
one that's in your head.

You may be tempted to keep getting pulled into
your head - after all, it's used to spinning
around thoughts and things.

That's okay. Don't argue with your thoughts or
beat yourself up for having them.

Just locate whatever you notice that's in your
body. A stuck place around your heart, or a
tenseness in your shoulder, or a nauseous feeling
in your stomach.

Then, just simply, say to yourself - I Love My

You may be tempted to judge them - to tell
yourself your feelings are foolish or silly, and
that you need to be more positive or straighten up.

For now, just say, over and over - I Love My

What you'll feel, the moment you say that to
yourself - and mean it as much as you can - is a
second or two of relief. You'll feel something

And that's great! That's all you need.

Try this in bits and pieces throughout the day.
Just say to yourself I Love My Feelings - and
let me know how it works for you!