A recessions hits hard and we have to devise ways of surviving. One way is doing a better job helping one another. My children weren't babies when I became the single mother of 4 but they still needed supervision, My youngest was 6 and the oldest, 14. I had a neighbor who was struggling to get through beautician's school. She was the single mother of 5. One day I suggested a kind of babysitting co-op. I took her kids in the morning and saw to it they all got on the bus, had a sweater  or umbrella, had their lunches, etc. I walked the little ones to the bus stop and waited for the bus to pull away so I could wave to them. If one was sick, I took care of them.  My friend met the the bus and cared for my children until I got home. If one was sick, she was there so I didn't have to miss a day of work.

I think babysitting co-ops are something people with day care problems should look into it. It worked for us...my friend graduated from school and I was able to work without worrying. Was it always fair? No. Sometimes I watched her kids on my day off. Who cares? She was in school to make a better life for her family. I like knowing I played a part in it. Sometimes she kept an eye on mine so I could go grocery shopping in peace. Times were tough and I needed that.

We're in this world together!