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This is an excerpt from the website of my friend, Joel Bruce Wallach. He is one of the most effective teachers I've ever known, featuring some very down-to-earth methods of rerouting energy.

Note: Although this was written in response to the recent quake in Haiti, this healing information is helpful for any difficult situation, anywhere, anytime.

Do large-scale disasters seem overwhelming to you?

You can learn to face your fears, and you can utilize your awareness to help make a healing difference in the situation.

Are you willing to learn how you can make a difference-- to go deeper than your fear, so that you can tap into a greater power that we all have access to?
Staying in fear is easy. Going beyond fear may take some work, but you can do it. Use the methods described here to understand how to cope, and learn how you can help make a difference in the world.

How could you make a difference in such a vast situation?

If you can hold a positive intention, you can make a difference. Everything in the world is a physical expression of an underlying grid, or network of energy. You can help this energy shift and heal.

How can your intentions possibly make a difference on the physical plane?
If you can imagine a new possibility, you can help shift the energy of a situation.
At first, it may seem that you are only imagining the shift. You are shifting the underlying energy of the situation, along with the healing work of thousands of other people. Together, you are all making a difference in the energy. And this shifts the situation, gradually, by helping the situation re-align itself with the universe in the most helpful way.

How can you clear negative energy?

If you can massage the shoulders of a friend, you can help lift negative energy away.
If you can imagine an ice cube melting on a hot sidewalk, you can help shift negative energies.

A philosophical question that may have arisen in your mind. . .
Is it the karma of people in a troubled region to experience the difficulty that they are now experiencing? The answer is that yes, to some extent, it is their karma. Karma simply refers to repeated patterns. However, it is also your karma, as one who is aware of the situation, to help to the extent that you can.
In other words, you can help change the pattern. And that is why you are exploring these healing methods now-- because you intuitively recognize that whatever led to recognize a particular situation, you yourself recognize that you can be part of the solution. The assistance you give now makes the planet a more safe and positive place for you and your family, and for everyone else as well. If you like, consider your assistance as the creation of good karma. Or simply as something you choose to do to help make the planet a better place for everyone.

Here is how you can use these basic skills to make a difference for the planet. . .
These principles work, and they are effective for you whether you are working within a religious framework, or whether you are seeking understanding of fundamental laws of the universe. When you utilize these principles of basic energy healing, you are cooperating with the cosmic intelligence of this universe, whatever name you may give to this essential intelligence. Thank you for co-creating a better world for all.

1. Face your own personal fear:

- Notice your breathing, and notice where your breath is flowing in your body.

- Notice the tense spots. Gently breathe into these areas.

- The tense spots are the fear, trapped in your body. There is nothing wrong with having fear, because it is a natural response. So, there is nothing to judge.

- Just breathe into the tense spots in your body, and the fear will gradually melt and flow away. It may not release entirely, and that is fine. You do not need to be perfect to help heal a situation.

- Imagine that you are embracing and loving the parts of yourself that feel the fear. Tell yourself:
I love myself, even when I feel fear.
I forgive myself for feeling fear.
Even though some fear is present, I can still help heal this situation.

- Let the fear energy within you flow through your heart, and circulate through your body. Your heart actually has the power to transform your fear into a healthy energy. As it circulates through your body, it actually becomes positive energy. Prove this for yourself.

2. Recognize that you are protected:

- You exist amidst the infinite universal energy. It is all around you. And, it is within you. Whatever name you call it, recognize that it contains the energies for healing, balance, and protection.

- Imagine this universal energy in which you exist, however you would like to imagine this energy. You may feel it, see it, hear it, or you may just know that it is there.

- Breathe it in. Do this calmly and gently. Imagine that this moment expands, so that you have infinite time to breathe.

- Let the universal energy remind you that you are part of the universe. As you sense this connection, begin to get a sense of peace and hope. Sense that more is possible than you may have realized. Remember that you can use any name or concept you prefer to describe this universal energy.

3. Get perspective, or distance, from the situation you wish to heal:

- Imagine the situation located at a safe distance from you-- this keeps you from feeling overwhelmed or surrounded by the situation that you wish to heal.

- Imagine the situation as being small-- for example, imagine an earthquake site as a small map of the region. Place it about 10-20 feet, or 3-6 meters, in front of you. This keeps it manageable, and is much easier for you to work with.

- It is fine if you see the region in a symbolic way, such as a small map, or a small ball of energy. This frees you from unnecessary details, and lets you work with the essential matters of energy balancing.

- Get the universal perspective on the situation-- see the situation, however big it may seem to be, as a small dot amidst the infinite universe. This helps you bring universal healing energy to the situation, and frees you from becoming overwhelmed by the size of the situation.

4. Connect the situation with universal healing energy. Whether you call the energy God, Allah, Brahma, Sat Nam, Great Spirit, Chi, Divine Intelligence, or simply Universal Energy:

- What does the healing energy look like? The universal intelligence has no particular form, because it is the underlying consciousness that creates and vitalizes everything in the universe. So, keep it simple. Just imagine it as a sparkling energy that is everywhere.

- You are imagining the situation that needs healing in front of you, at a safe distance, surrounded by the universal intelligence of the entire universe. And so there is definitely enough healing energy for this situation. You do not have to use your own personal energy to heal this situation.

- Use your hands to massage the universal energy through the situation needing healing. Massage the universal energy directly through the situation, as if the situation were flexible enough to let the universal energy easily flow through. Remember-- you are working with the essential energy of the situation, and that is why it is flexible. You are not trying to force healing energy into the physical level of reality.

- Massage the universal energy towards the situation needing healing, and massage the stagnant energy away from the situation. Let the universal energy dissolve the stagnant energy.

5. Lift the heavy energies of the situation away:

- A challenged situation tends to have vast accumulations of heavy, stuck energy. It is much easier to confront if you see the situation as small, and at a safe distance from you.

- Imagine that your hands are made of energy, and that they are protected by universal energy. You might imagine your hands as protected by large energy gloves.

- Use your hands to life the heavy stuck energies away from the situation.

- Imagine that the heavy energy becomes softer and lighter as you work with it.

- Move the stuck energies at a great distance from the planet, and massage the energies into the universe, so that the stuck energies disperse and dissolve in the universe. This is actually a form of recycling, because the energies will then be available to the universe as fresh new energy.

- Each time you help release energy, you reduce the pain and pressure in the region you are assisting.

- Work gradually-- release a little energy at a time. Do no try to release it all at once, because that is only going to create frustration. Each time you release and dissolve some negative energy, you are improving the situation safely and gradually.

- As you release the surface layers of stuck energy, you may notice deeper stuck energies. Be patient, and calmly help these deeper energies release and dissolve as well.

6. Expand the positive spiritual, or universal essence of the region:

- Everything in the universe has a core essence of universal energy. Whether you call it divine energy, or just universal intelligence, it is the basic vibration of which this universe is made.

- Imagine this universal essential energy as a universal spark of light, vibrating in the center of the region. You are imagining this universal spark as shining within every aspect of the region. Remember that you are seeing the region at a safe distance in front of you.

- With your hands-- protected, if you like, by energy gloves-- reach towards the spark, and help it expand. Massage the spark, so that it spreads throughout the region. Help the spark shine outwards, in all directions. This helps the universal essence in the region flow to every aspect there-- the people, the land, the houses, and everything else in the region.

- Massage the universal spark in the region outwards, so that it unites with the embracing presence of the universe. Then massage the surrounding universal energy directly into the region. And so you are massaging back and forth, from the region out to the surrounding universe, and from the surrounding universe back to the region. This weaves the region into alignment with the universe.

7. Assisting with specific needs in the region:

- Now that you have worked with the underlying energetic blocks in the situation, you have helped create more clarity, balance, and universal alignment in that area. You can now help with improving the specific needs of the region, such as:

need for food, need for shelter, need for healing, need for calmness, need for love, need for feeling connected to the universe, and much more.

- Do you remember seeing the region surrounded by the infinite universe? Within that universal energy are the specific energies of food, shelter, love, healing, and any other specific energy you can imagine.

- What does the energy of Food look like? Just imagine a sparkling energy surrounding the region. Let this sparkling energy represent Food. Why would this make a difference? Because when the underlying universal energy of something is present, it is easier for that substance to manifest in appropriate ways.

- Use your hands to help massage the energy of Food, from the surrounding universal energy, and weave this energy throughout the region. Massage the energy of Food directly into the energy fabric of the region.

- Use your hands to help massage the energy of Love, from the surrounding universal energy, and weave this love-energy throughout the region. Massage the Love directly into the energy fabric of the region.

- Remember that these gifts from the universe are flowing directly from the universe to the region. The gifts are not flowing from you. You are a catalyst. You are not the source.

8. You have helped heal the energy in a region. Now what?

- You have helped create an energy shift in a region. This shift affects everything else on the planet.

- Imagine the planet in front of you. Imagine it as being small, like a little globe. Put it at a safe distance from you.

- On that little planetary globe, see the region where you were helping with healing. See the region as a little spark on the planet.

- With your light-gloved energy hands, massage the energy between that region and the rest of the planet. This helps balance the energy between that region and the entire planet. Massage back and forth, between the region and the planet, and you will notice that the entire planet becomes smoother and more balanced.

- Now see the planet as a little globe, surrounded by the sparkling energy of the universe.

- Massage between the planet and the surrounding universe. This creates balance for the entire planet.

9. Release from the process, and set the positive flow in motion:

- Gently release the image of the planet, of the region, and of everything that you were working with. It is time to let the healing process function on its own.

- You can come back to the healing process anytime. However, you must not stay linked to the situation, because that would be draining to you, and would not help the region. If you wish to work with these methods later today or tomorrow, that is fine. Each time you participate in universal healing work, you bring the region to a new level.

- You may have high hopes, and you may be delighted to see that your participation is helping. However, it is just as likely that you will find that troubles continue on the physical plane. Be patient with yourself. You have helped create genuine good, and yet you are co-creating with a situation that may take time to heal.

- You may wonder, at times, if it is worthwhile to assist. It is. You are helping make a difference. The virtues of patience have been taught for thousands of years, and for a good reason. Your strong emotional reactions only create pain for you and for others. Patience is a challenging lesson, but a necessary one.

10. Stabilize your energy, and continue with your day:
- You started by noticing your breathing. Notice your breathing now.

- Notice where you are breathing in your body. Breathe into those areas that are still tense, and love and forgive yourself for any fear or tension.

- Use your energy hands to smooth your own energy. Massage all around yourself, as if smoothing and integrating your energy.

- Use your energy hands to lift any stuck or heavy energy off of your body and out of your energy field. Imagine that you are lifting the energy out of yourself, and releasing it to the universe so it can be recycled. You may have to do this several times, as energy often releases in layers, rather than all at once.

- Imagine a sparkling healing vibration all around you. Use your imagination, for imagination is the pathway to accessing subtle universal energy. This is your direct connection with the universal energy. Breathe it in, and feel that every pore in your skin is receiving this energy. Let the universal energy receive any stagnant energy releasing from you, so that the released energy can be recycled. Now you are ready to continue with your day.

Why does this method not utilize the words and concepts of name favorite religion or teaching here?
I have specifically not mentioned many words and concepts that you may prefer to use. However, I do encourage you to substitute your preferred words and concepts when you practice these methods. These methods are a framework for you. Do use the methods in a way that is in alignment with your beliefs and understandings about reality.

Thank You for helping make a difference on the planet. Recognize that your work has helped make a shift in a good direction. Understand that you, and millions of others, each working in their own way, are co-creating a more positive world. Thank you for helping manifest heaven on earth.

Many Blessings,

Joel Bruce Wallach

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Joel Bruce Wallach