Don't throw away anything that can be recycled!

This information was taken from the website : http// there is a lof of good
information there that is helpful. They have a lot of games and activities for kids to do in going green.

Here is a list of things you should always recycle (or reuse!) ...

Acid Batteries                        Oil
Aluminum Cans                      Paint
Building Materials                   Paper
Cardboard                             Plastic Bags
Chemicals                              Plastic Bottles
Electronic Equipment             Steel Cans
Glass (particularly bottles       Tires
and glass jars)                       White Goods
Lead                                     (Appliances)
Magazines                             Wood
Metal                                    Writing/Copy Paper
Newspaper                            Yard Waste

Some of the items listed above will require special handling procedures and special recycling places or events.
Just ask your local recycling office (city, county, or state) for assistance and information.

Now isn't that easy? There is so much that YOU can do with very little effort. And the best part is you will probably save yourself a lot of money while you are at it!