I wasn't sure how many people would respond when I put a letter in everyone's mailbox letting them know that I would feed them on Christmas Day if they were in need. I was happy that 39 of our residents filled out the simple order form to say that they would pick up their holiday dinner this afternoon.

We prepared baked ham with pineapple topping, scalloped potatoes, a vegetable medley, rolls, and a big piece of cake for dessert. Everyone was so greatful and happy. All the smiles and thank yous made it all worth while.

I usually mention in my blogs that I do not do this for popularity or notoriety. I only let you know what I am doing in an effort to inspire others to do good. I have noticed that there is a great group of people that write on this site. I feel that most of you don't need to be inspired to do good. On the other hand, we all have our bad days, or go through tough times ourselves, so maybe this happy story might put a smile on your face too.