What an incredible experience.  I was determined today to do this community project, It's been on my mind, but I never got to do one last week. 

I'm in the grocery store, and I'm checking it out.  Scoping the shoppers. I'm going to give someone 10.00 but I didn't know who yet. 

I come across this woman with 3 children.  She was in the cereal isle, and I heard her telling the children to put that back, we can only buy the cheaper brand. I see her going through her coupons.  I knew this was the one.  I buy cereal for myself and my husband, and I know the expense of it, I can't imagine feeding 3 children.

So I approach her and told her that I go to blog4change.org on line, and every month they do a community project, I explained this months project, and handed her 10.00.  You think I gave her $100. dollars! Oh my. . .  she stood there, tears were coming down her face, which in turn brought tears to my eyes.  She's hugging me, and thanking me.  Wow!

It was the most emotional display of gratitude I have ever experienced.  The ultimate!  Today was absolutely the best Christmas present I could have ever gotten.

For anyone out there that has not done the community project this month, you need to do it today, it's amazing.
There are an awful lot of bloggers here, I'm amazed that not more people, are doing more for others. Try it,  you'll find you have no problems, giving is the best cure all.  Giving when you can't afford it is even better!

I will try to do this once every month, yup, 10.00 a month, is the most gratifying money ever spent.