2009 December 15

by Miss Fail

I know we all hate to fail. But there are actually great things that can come out of failing. It’s not always so bad. I know we’re afraid to do it. No one wants to be a failure. But here are 5 great reasons to be happy you failed.

1. That’s the last time you’ll be doing that!
If you’re smart and if you learn anything at all from your failure, you will most likely not fail again in that same way.

2. You are DOING.
Doing and failing is much better than not doing and not failing. In not doing, you don’t learn or gain anything. if you DO and fail over and over, eventually you will “do and succeed”.  Just like Charlie Hoehn at Lifehacker.com says,  failure can = success.

3. You overcame a fear.
When you fail it means you overcame a fear. It could be fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough and so on. You overcame that fear and went for it. Like the guy that overcomes his fear of rejection and gets up and asks that hot girl out on a date. She may reject him, but good for him for trying! If he tries often enough, I’m sure he’s bound to get a date. Which brings us to number four…

4. You are that much closer to success, even if you can’t see it.
Because you tried, because you are doing, you are that much closer to achieving whatever it is you are trying.

5. You learned something.
And that’s what life is all about. Learning something. In failing you probably learned something about yourself, about someone else, about a situation, about how to do something better next time. Failing is so valuable. Don’t focus on the failure. Focus on what you got from that failure.

So go ahead, fail on!