As I read many of the blogs here I am positive that many of you are very good people. I think it is a shame that our society has taught us that it is "taboo" to talk about religion because we would not want to offend someone if they didn't have the same beliefs as we do. Am I wrong, or is it a little strange that all of us good people hardly ever use the word God on this blog site.
I really don't care about my popularity here. I love this site's philosophy about inspiring others. I can think of about 1000 inspiring verses in the bible. What's wrong with throwing in a quote now and then? What are we afraid of? The world needs so much inspiration right now. Inspiration is free, it's easy, it's powerful and effective. I conquers evil, depression, despair. Try to think of any other word to to answer this question: "In one word, what would you do save mankind? The answer is:  INSPIRE

Please let you and me never give up.