Nature Matters

I grew up in a small community that everyone cared about each other. I always cared about the environment and wildlife as I was maturing into adulthood, but I never was an activist. A few years ago I moved back to the community I grew up in. The community was still a great community. Everyone who lives there currently or ever lived there have very fond memories. The problem now though, is that the government is putting a highway through it. That was the beginning of an activist.....

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Get to know what is in your own backyard

But my eyes really opened when I started to take calls at work from concerned citizens. I discovered a quiet area that someone put up a rope swing and you were able to sit on fallen trees. Do you think those people really appreciate what they have right in their own backyard? I bet you they will once they put the highway through it and reflect on what they once had right in their own backyard.

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