I understand~  that there is something mysterious  killing off the honey bees  ~and bees in general~
 and billions are dropping dead across north america  ~
 What's going to happen  ? How will  the    Almond Trees  get pollinated  ?  ~ Let alone  the fruit trees  ~Where will we be at this point ?
 Researchers are rushing to get answers to this terrible situation ~In the usa  it will be a loss of about three billion if not more  in  the San Joacan valley in California~ alone~and thats just the tip of the iceburg~
 I have noticed it here in the past couple of years also (In Canada)  ~` There just arent any bees to speak of  like there used to be ~
 We have apple trees and  cherry trees~
   As many other people   do as well ~   Years ago ~  I realized the importance of pollination  ~ We has just moved into a little house in another location~  and there was a lady that had moved next door  ~   from the farm~~ 
 A fairly young woman at that time ~   *S*  ~ I am sure that she had  been taught the necessities and importance of  pollination from her mother and father  on the farm~ ~ 
 When i saw  her in the garden  with a broom~ and using a sweeping motion over her garden going back and forth~ I thought YIKES~ especially~Using a BROOM~ I  scratched my head and wondered    *WHY*?   what would she be doing using a broom in her garden ??? ~ *S* Well to my amazement  ~ she had been taught  that *If  you wanted to grow large and healthy Pumpkins and squash~~ Use a broom to*  pollinate them ~to be sure   ~  they were done~
 And  Believe me   ~ Her garden ~*in the fall*~ was abundant with ** Huge**   Pumpkins and squash ~
   That proved a point to me  that  *Pollination *  is   most necessary~ What will be do without the bees?