What is all this nonsense about Tarsands and wanting to boycott travel to Alberta? How absolutely idiotic. Only someone with very little intelligence
would even consider such a preposterous notion.  Maybe the activists would
benefit from knowing that:
1) Some U.S. business wants to boycott Canadian Bitumen when in fact
the refiners are American. Such as BP, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil.

2) There are more pressing issues in the world. Feeding the hungry, helping
the homeless. Providing shelter to those who have lost homes in the U.S.
because of the crooked mortgage managers. Think again

3)Are the activists absolutely convinced all the evil in the world exists in
the Tarsands. What about child labour some American companies employ?
What about environmental issues in other places, such as China, Venezuela
Nigeria, to name a few. What are their policies like?

4) Have the activists read the regulatory policies that apply to all those in
the Oil and Gas Industry?  Some of the most strict regulations in the world.

I am not about to apologize for the fact that Canada is the largest exporter of
conventional and synthetic oil - which, by the way - is shipped south of our

We love our Province of Alberta and have pride in everything about it. You
are most welcome to journey here, camp here, look over our resources,
and why not even make part of your itinerary- a visit to the Tarsands.