So many of the blog posts on this site focus on improving the self, and there is nothing really wrong with that, however, we must realize that if we stop looking inward and look at how we can contribute to the world, our inner problems may magically dissolve, but this cannot happen unless we are willing to try to help others.

For instance, how many people reading this have contributed to this month's Community Project? Bring a bag of dog food to the shelter. Don't just say, hey that's a good idea, and then don't do it. It's not good enough to know what you should do, you actually have to do something. When you bring your bag of dog food into the pound, take a look around the shelter to see the animals you are helping with your generosity. This act of kindness will make you feel better about yourself and lead you to, at the very least, momentary satisfaction.

And if every act of kindness and generosity makes us feel good, than shouldn't we focus more of our energies throughout the day on doing more acts of kindness? .... and then come back here and blog about your acts of kindness and explain how those acts of kindness have improved your mood. Then, others will see the effect your generosity and kindness has on your well being and they will catch on and want to do the same.

I think the point of this site is to examine what you do throughout the day that helps others live better. Then, others reading will get ideas of how they can help others to improve their own lives.