IT'S LIKE WE ARE IN HELL ON EARTH-                                    
          This world is habitated by good and bad people. Or Christian follwers and non- Christian followers. Christian people and there families in this world today are always obedient and move on with faith. They love the God they worship and their fellow brothers and sisters. The Christ follower listens to the statement from the Bible to 'be fruitful and multiply'. The non-beleivers they also listen to the saying 'be fruitful and multiply...". See they see it in a differnet side. The wrong one. The use it to abuse. These people live life using multiply without God in their life. Sort of Cereal without the milk. Ice cream without the cream. They do not hope or love, no, rather they only see the the immediate things and  they never feel for anyone, they use hate and vile ways to entertain. The world is run by these evil and mean spirits ones.These evil ones live the high stressed and fast lane life. The end time will come and these persons will be still reproducing there people and walking around doing and causing mayhem and havoc. Now who do you beleive will be saved?