"Pick your d$%^ plastic off of me- Earth"

I live in something very small, sufficed to say my 'kitchen table' is a map of the United States. Right where I sat my notebook to write this blog so I can take it and type it happens to make me look right at Louisiana. Immediatly I saw an oil drenched ocean and sea and became infuriated. Stop the REAL crimes! I wish I could. I wish I could look BP's CEO in the face and punch him with all my might. I know others who would do much worse. The wild life and the sae life that have been affected by this tragedy have no voice and I am here to count the crimes against them. Justice will be had one day; for their blood cries from the ground and Mother Earth hears. Has anyone thought about this long enough to realize how toxic just the dispersant that they have pumped thousands of gallons of into the ocean is? It's making hundreds of people sick. Has anyone else thought when they saw a big picture of the sink hole in Guatemala that maybe it was because the oil that we are taking out of the earth is leaving a void which cannot be replaced?
I am in the earth all day, not just on it, I am in it. I am digging in the dirt, pulling weeds, picking greens, watching robins, moving worms, and many, many other things. The more I do that the more my perspective changes and the more the earth responds to me- listens to me- helps me. The more and more infuriated I become at people pride in destroying it. What maybe you don't understand is that it affects everyone around you. It affects me every day and I weep for the atrocities that are done against my Mother. Why aren't more weeping with me? Do you realize that the more of HER that dies the more of YOU die? She will recover, but that will be one sweet day when justice cries out from the ground you walk on every day and never notice. That day what side will you be standing on? When the One Almighty Jah comes and asks what you have done with His gift He gave you what will you do? When Mother Earth folds into herself and the continents are moved out of the way and darkness and pain cover you what will you say? What can you say now? "I'm sorry."? "Forgive me."? It's too late than; it all starts RIGHT NOW, we are living in it RIGHT NOW. You better take some action RIGHT NOW. We all know, really, what we need to do to take our fingerprint from smashing the earth; we just think that it may be too hard to do. We need to realize that is the only way that we will survive and not perish together. It starts with you and with your mind. It starts with you changing your mindset about the way that you live.
The way that we live in this country is without any regard. If the electricity was shut off nation wide and there was no gas and all the major highways were shut down what would you do? That time could be soon- could be now; are you ready? How will you eat with a grocery store? I'm trying to make people think about the way that they live and the way that they think, so, check yourself. Look it up. Read on. Pray on. Fight on.
"Ahhh, my people were tough in those days. Tst, tst, tst! Now, when people get a little wet they build a fire and get dry again. In those days when I was young if in winter a person fell into icy water, he got out, took off his wet clothes and rolled in the snow, rubbing his body with it and got warm. Then, after squeezing out the water, he put on his clothes and forgot about getting wet. Yes, and the buffalo runners rubbed their hands with snow and sand so that their fingers would be nimble at handling bow and arrows. Now my people wear gloves and too many clothes. We are soft as mud." Pretty Shield