I'm Usually a Person who has more WORDS than I Know what to do with(the Writer in me)...Today I Have JUST ONE...DONATE...The Hatian Earthquake is a Human Catastrophe, which the Ripple Effects of Are Felt Throughout Our EARTH...whether because you are Haitian or a Compassionate Human...the Devastating Disaster has Deeply Saddened Many of US...but the Outpouring of AID has Been Outstanding...I just finished making my DONATION on line and Wanted to post a link to ENCOURAGE Others to DO SO!
The Only money I have to my name at this Moment is $50 on my Paypal account that I was Saving to Donate to World Vision...but I Waited on it, Call it a FEELING...but I had an Intuition that the funds would be Needed URGENTLY in yet Another Global CRISIS for Humanity...days later, on January  the 12th of the Year 2010 of Our LORD, TRAGEDY Struck!
Here's the link to DONATE
My Children and I Have Been PRAYING Multiple times a day for EVERYONE in Haiti, with all our meals We PRAY and  REMEMBER Them...and at night as we lay down in our comfortable beds to have a PEACEFUL Sleep, We PRAY and REMEMBER Them...These are the Matters of LIFE, that at Times Can CONSUME Me...and I am Diligently Working at being in a Better Position to Do MORE...But for NOW, my last money WILL have to do...Remember what I said in one of my   last posts(on Blogger)...I Took the Money Right Out of Our Mouths to FEED the HUNGRY...and I AM CONVICTED that GOD WILL BLESS US for the SACRAFICE we've Given to DO HIS WILL...         Godspeed to ALL   Angeloflight + + +