Going Green

Doing good things to change for the better isn't all about people, it's also about the earth. What have you done today, or what do you think others should be doing to help the world get green. All posts in this section are related to the 'going green' movement.
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Plastic-free eating

The amount of non-recyclable plastic waste in my bin has been bothering me. I can't keep the thought out of my mind that these containers, in contrast to the brevity of their usefulness, will take several hundred years of lying in a landfill site to decompose - and then only to plastic dust. I have challenged myself to feed the family for a week without using anything packaged in plastic.

Hairspray( natual & home made)

this is a small article on how to make the perfect hairspray...( realy easy)

Going Green, Being Happy

With your help we are one step closer to stoping global warming!

change we can believe in

10 ways to help out in your neighborhood. how to have fun doing it.
Just as it is not only important to be kind, as to share with others your kind acts, to spread kindness.  It is also not only important to exercise going green as it is to educate others to help our planet.  Every going green tip, as insignificant as it may seem to you, will help educate others.  It's our duty to our planet, to help spread the news.

Are we really looking after our Environment?

Sure, we have got to get back to the garden, but to do that, we need clean air and clean water.....

Mother nature's pictures in rocks

When I cut open a rock, I look for the pictures that Mother Nature leaves inside.

More Going Green Tips

If you lose weight- can it help save the planet?

Turning A New

I am turning a new leaf.

Eco Friendly Pest Remedies

With the summer upon us, it sure is nice to find eco friendly products we can make to help keep the bugs away from our flowers and plants.

Going Green Needs to be Taught in School

Children are our future. Here is information on all that can be recycled, taken from a website based on teaching children in a fun way.

Green Cleaning!

Make your own cleaning products, they are better for the environment and better for your health too!

How Green is My Compost Pile?

Oops! It should be brown!

Going Green Tips

Think twice before hitting print- use scrap paper for notes and recycle what you don't use. If will save tree and water and money.

Eat less cow meat!

Reasons why you should eat less cow meat and how it will help the enviroment.
YOU could be the one to make a difference in your community—for the planet! Submit a description of your Green Effect idea by June 8, 2009. Ten finalists will be announced July 7, 2009. Online viewers and a distinguished panel of judges will review these inspiring ideas.

Milk Containers Banned

I think every school in the United States should ban throw away containers, cans, sippy drink, bottles!

Cloth Napkins

Each American uses an average of 2,200 napkins a year. If we all use just one less napkin a day, more than a billion pounds of napkins could be saved from landfills each year. That's enough napkins to fill the Empire State Building!

Making Changes

Everyone can do something to help save the planet earth. It doesn't have to be a lot but if we all do a little something each day, it will add up to a big something.
Today was the first day that I did not flush the toilet. LOL. I know, that sounds so ridiculous! But seriously, I was watching Jay Leno the other night and Carmen Diaz was on and Jay was pestering her about how green she was and he finally asked her straight up, 'Do you flush?'.
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