I was watching Bill Mahr and he was talking with one of his guests about the credit industry, how it has changed from 'I think you can pay me back so let's make a deal where I loan you money/credit, and you pay me back at a percentage we agree on,' to an industry of what the analyst called 'tricks and traps.' Then Bill Mahr said, doesn't it just come down to, in general, that we need to treat each other better?

That got me thinking that that is what this site should be about. How to treat each other better. What can you do today to treat someone else better than you did yesterday? What can you do to brighten someone's day?

I think change starts with the little things, the day to day things where if we start with simply treating each other better, the end result could be a much more peaceful world.

Now, do I think doing little things like treating each better will change the credit industry? Well, maybe. You see, if we start treating each other better day to day, after a couple of years we may come to expect people to treat people better and maybe we simply won't put up with industries that manipulate us for profit after a while.

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