Peace is the road to happiness. Where did the saying "I just want some peace and quiet" come from? I would guess from someone who understood that peace can only come to you in quiet moments.  It is so worth taking the time in your day, to just sit in silence and relax your body and mind.

Silence in the path to restore your peace, peace is your highway to happiness. There is so much stress in the everyday happenings of life. Even if your life is stressful and noisy, you can still have peace and happiness in it.

Try it for one week, find yourself 10 minutes of silence, reclaim  your peace that is sometimes lost in a day. Just sit in total silence, your mind and body will thank you for it.  Breath in and out slowly, relax  your mind, your shoulders, your arms, your fingers, go down the body and feel your body relax . I believe those 10 minute silent breaks can bring peace to your busy day and add years on to you life.