~Pros andCons of Development~
By Old Soul
Published on 08/19/2010
Development and expropriation has its pros and its cons

As i look around ~when driving out around the city ~there are so many changes ~its almost hard to   comprehend~  why   everything   seems to be comming closer together  ~however it actually is not ~
 There is a huge  Freeway being constructed  ..that is going to connect ...the far south and west ..of the city the.. extreme north east by skirting the entire city ....and not having to go through it..... if it isnt necessary ....In  is going to save a lot of time  ~ There are many folks ..that live in bedroom communities outside the city ...and commute back and forth to work..every day.
 It will certainly save them a lot of time .Also a great way for truckers to make time which is something they count on  with thier work....Years ago that north east section of land was all farm land and large market gardens ..
We were able to ride our bycicles out there and it seemed so far away now looking at it we drive by has all joined the city together to ..seemingly    make it closer...
 Nearly  an optical illusion ...
With New communities  rising  around us  nearly every day ... it is  also bringing  the little towns closer.. with less space in between  ..Every bit of empty farmland nearby is being bought up and being developed..
 I wonder where the market gardens  will go...
Maybe ....people  can .... all  put little raised beds...  in the little bit of space that they have ...for some fresh vegetables when space becomes scarce....who knows   .... Development and expropriation has its pros and its cons    ......Now a days it is a thought... as long as the *dirt* is clean......considering.. all the contamination and chemical waste around us..As time goes on i am sure it will all be resolved one way or another,,