Alright so back before I had kids, and even when the kids were in diapers until they were toddlers or so I was a huge advocate of recycling. Recycling around where I live is not regulated or enforced by law or the city or anything although I wish it were at times. I mean I an not about government control but come on we can be some lazy people! LOL myself included! There used to be this neat service where a guy would come rumbling up in his really crappy truck and pick your recyclables up for you. I think he was a wanna be hippy just trying to do a good thing in this world - God bless him! He did not charge much at all I think 7.00 a month for the service and I was happy to pay. Then he went out of business. Sad but true. Anyway .... So somewhere between my kids being toddlers and teens I got lost. I stopped recycling. I did not have "time" to go by the recycling center or drop the stuff off at the store that had all those huge recycling bins there. Yeah I know excuses excuses but nonetheless I did stop. So about a month ago I woke up from my selfish daze and decided to give it a try again - well especially since my hubby has all this energy and is perfectly happy to go do the dumping! : ) Lucky me! So we have been doing everything from cans, to glass, to cardboard etc. Oh I should say we have always recycled paper, hubby shreds it and takes it to out local dog and cat shelter for the animals! Anyway - in just a bit over a month here we have reduced our garbage out put by around 80%! Where we used to fill our garbage container - (the one the garbage people pick up - the big one - not the ones in the house) overflowing and still had to leave some on the ground beside the container - we now only have two to three 13 gallon garbage bags per week going out! Thats a huge difference! Okay no I do not want a cookie or anything. I know a lot of people already do this and I am embarrassed I have not for so long. The POINT is that really you just do not realize the IMPACT one family has on this world until you get your butt in gear and get involved! Yeah Yeah I know its preaching and I have only been doing it for a little over a month now BUT we all enjoy it - we like that we can visually see the impact - the positive one we have shifted into and it feels good! So if anyone is on the edge thinking you need to do it - just jump in - we all can make a difference! xox Azzrian